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September 11, 2010, 2:49 am
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So two weeks ago, I scored 2 ski poles from a dumpster on my block. I placed them in my backyard at the time and knew that soon, they would become polo mallets. Yesterday, I emailed fellow Mallethead, Jon and asked him to come over and make a mallet for the upcoming tourney.

He came over and I advised him to proceed with the Scott rental pole I had scored from the trash, as it was a modern quality pole, of quality aluminium. He sized it up and hacksawed the thing open. He then proceeded to the pvc, abs mallet head. I them grabbed his cut shaft and began to look it over during his head-work.

I noticed something stuck in the barrel of the shaft and grabbed a small screwdriver to poke and prod the random obstuction. I managed to pull the plug out and it looked like paper. I was about to just push it back in when Jon asked to see what it was, and wanted me to pull it out all the way.

Seriously. Seriously. I then pulled out 10 $100 dollar bills rolled up. Seriously! What the hell. Jon and I split it 50/50 and took us about 45 minutes to stop thinking it was one of us pulling a prank on the other. We are now rich and have everythig figured out. Seriously, this really happened!This is a staged photo moments later. The grand was rolled ever so tight and it was in the tapered portion of the ski pole nearest the basket. Crazy!

I was so excited and Jon was a little skeptical of the find. He thought I pranked him or something. If only!


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