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Son of a gun!!!
March 19, 2011, 4:29 pm
Filed under: Grass Polo Tourneys
***Update- so it turns out the sign is the result of silly school kids fighting and angry parents taking it out on the rules not being clear. All this in combination with one anti-bikes-on-grass school district worker and you get a silly mess. Fortunately the school district seems willing to hear us out. Unfortunatley they are about to rewrite the rules, this time making sure to include bikes and grass. So that means we have a short time to figure out how to prove that bike polo is not a grass killer.

Friday afternoon, the bottom two signs appeared at Buckley Park, site of the Rocky Mountain Grass Poloships finals in April. This is just a speed bump I hope, as Im sure we can come to some sort of agreement with the school district that oversees the field. Its funny after 10+ years of polo at the park, in addition to the numerous mtb clinics, cross races and Durango's deep history of cycling, that somebody out there thinks the grass will die and go away if we continue to ride bikes on the field. We are not animals, Im sure IF the grass was dying due to our play, we would stop playing on grass. But the fact is that the grass is grass and it doesn't die unless you dont water it and/or play too much football or soccer and no maintenance. Son of a Gun!


Last sunday Ron of King Cage Water bottle cages came to play for like the first time in 3 years and taco'd 1982 Schwinn Sidewinder rear wheel, early version of a mt bike. I guess those old rims are fairly easy to get straight again, but still, Son of a Gun!


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Typical School District 9-R Administration garbage. Good luck getting that turned around in our favor! May the force be with you.

Comment by Mr. Scott

We shall prevail, for it is Bike Polo.

Comment by purangodolo

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