Purango Dolo

An Amazing Discovery for Purango Dolo
March 29, 2011, 2:08 am
Filed under: Grass Polo Tourneys

Tonight, local polo enthusiast, Jon Bailey found this handwritten original document while working for the 2011 version of the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic road race. Jon has been hired as the artistic coordinator for the 40th anniversary event, and found this piece of paper while rooting through the amazing piles of IHBC history. It is the road criterium race route through downtown Durango. If you look closely where the finger is pointing, you can see that bicycle polo was scripted to take place on the grass plot now known as the Smiley Building Field. Not more than 100 yards from our current polo tourney location. Crazy discovery! Perviously, our crew was under the understanding that we were the firstest ever, yes, the firstest ever in Durango. Well not anymore! 1988, Durango Colorado had enough of a bike polo scene that Ed Zink and company thought it would fit alongside the towns annual super community cycling event. Good discovery for us all!

*** After a call on the subject to Fort Lewis Cycling’s Dave Hagen, we found out that 1988 was a boom year for grass polo in the rocky mountain region as 2 Gunny/CB polo people set out to promote the spot around the successful and booming Colorado Off Road mtb Points Series. And the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic was one of its may stops. Dave recalled a dude who traveled out of a van with may specific rules to play by. If you have more info on the subject, please do tell.

Here is some history on the different Polo governing bodies


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