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Rocky Mountain Grass Poloships 11 Update
April 5, 2011, 6:38 am
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Save your strength for April 16ths polo tourney in Durango. Its on a Saturday and the polo action will be all day and into the night. Teams from all over the world are not coming, but you are and most of us are. In the end, one team of killer chicks and one team of buff dudes will hold the Colorado Cup.

The mornings Round Robin is up on the rad FLC Campus and home to the radder Skydonkey Cycling team. 3 fields will be used and word is that the grass is going to be primo, thanks Walker. Goals will be small, 3x3ft. Pile will be the ScoreKeep Gentleman for the mornings games and will do all the scheduling and recording necessary. There are bathrooms and places to launch model rockets. Bring your food. This is from 10-3 and the first 3 games will begin at 10am. Durango Devo vs D&SNGRR Locomotion, Carbondale Stomparillaz vs Ska Brewing and King Cage vs FC City Park will be the first wave.

Then there is a break

Next thing that happens is more polo. DC’s Buckley Coliseum in downtown Durango will see games at 530pm. Single elimination finals bracket for men and women and a handful of other games for good measure. Size one ball on lacrosse goals. Food will be surrounding the field of play at all times. Ice cream for the fans that cheer. KDUR’s Trading Post radio hosts will announce the games and the lights will go on at dark. All Star Game at 8pm, Womens final at 830 and mens final at 9pm. Awards immediately following. And thats that.

Heres the Teams so Far; Fort Collins Steamworks, Fort Collins City Park, Carbondale Stomparillaz, Telluride Tolo, FLC Skydonkeys, Durango Devo, King Cage, Bicycle Lemonade, Durango Cyclery, Pool Creative, D&SNGRR Locomotion, Bend Pams, Ska Brewing, Baskin Robbins and Lemonhead Hair.

Rocky Mountain Grass Poloships Info and thanks Big Time to all the supporters of this event. Check them out to the left.

here is a tip on where the mornins games will be


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