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Durango Dirty Century Stacked Full with Polo Players
July 4, 2011, 8:01 pm
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This Saturday July 2nd saw numerous polo players take to the 100 mile self supported atb ride/race in the high country wonderland of Durango Colorado. Called the Durango Dirty Century and part of the Colorado Endurance Series. The event began from Durango Brewing, headed up the Hermosa Creeek Trail, to Celebration Lake, or shorter Hotel Draw option, then to the Colorado Trail, over Kennebec, then down the tastiest downhill track in the US, back into town for beers at Durango Brewing. As we rode out of town it became clear that endurance atbers are of polo blood. 39% of the athletes, as a matter of fact, are polo players, or have played  at some point. So Sweet.

The Big ‘A’ Ride: Joey Ernst – 12 hours, 22 mins, Doug Johnson – 12:22, Ken Boyer – 13:05, Jeff Kerkove – 13:05, Danny Powers – 13:19, Matt Turgeon (SS) – 13:35, Ryan Douglas (SS) – 14:06, Sonya Looney (W) – 14:32, Andrew Carney (SS) – 14:32, Jordan Carr – 14:32, Pete Basinger – 14:53, Rebecca Barfoot (W) – 18:05, Jill Hueckman (W) – 18:05, Aaron Kimble – unk, Chris McGovern (SS) – DNF, Kirby Bryant (SS) – DNF, Tom Ober – DNF, Rick Callies – DNF (broken derailleur), Phil Patrick – DNF, Jon Csansky – DNF

The Bad ‘B’ Ride: Nick Gould – 9:52, Brendan Schafer – 10:44, Robin Guillame (SS) – 10:49, Bret Bernard – 11:28, Blake Ward – 12:06, Walker Lowe – 12:12, Lyra Parker (W) (SS) – 12:25, Ivan Unkovskoy (SS) – 12:25, Lenny Goodell (SS) – 12:53, Billy Schaaphok – 12:53, Mike Mangan – 13:04, Scott Cary – 13:04, Ashley Oelschlaeger – 13:04, Kelly Klett (SS) – 13:24, Sarah Uhl (W) – 14:26, Chad Cheeney – DNF (broken frame)

The ‘C’ Challenge: Troy Hachmann – 9:45, Andrew Ferguson – unk, Vic Rudolf – DNF


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