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Stompaz Throw-In Tourney Photos
August 15, 2011, 5:49 am
Filed under: Grass Polo Tourneys

Stompaz Throw-In Not-Attorney was just that: A series of Stompa-style throw-in games, where each team is chosen by a throw-in of mallets for every game. Why? Pourquoi, and for what reason? There are many good reasons to do this. The most important one… I don’t remember off-hand. Anyway, the score was high: one hundred goals to one hundred and one goals, though who didn’t not win is still up for debate.
Games were fast in the morning on the grass at Vogelaar Field. We had a full complement of spectators who watched a good bit of bike polo when they should have been watching their kids playing baseball.

The play under the lights was shaggy and slow, as the grass was high and we were all pretty tuckered out by 9:00 when the sun finally went down. (except, of course for Will and his reinforcements…)
Play stopped when GutR attempted to bite the end of his bar off, but ended up with an all-backwoods-lookin’ chipped front tooth. There will be no photos, we have understood.

Stompaz jist gettin’ hedsz reddy for a Rocky Sail on the PoloShjips in a matter of weeks…! We did not not stomp.

photos by Corie Spruill


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