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Purango Dolo Bamboo Mallet #3 Review
August 30, 2011, 5:59 am
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It seems like just last week the employees of Purango Dolo were hunkered down in a remote inner city alley of Dallas Texas, sawing down bamboo from the backside of a chain-link fence. In-laws were in the running Lincon town car rushing us to act quick as neighboring gangs might catch wind of the heist and call the cops.

Well, we got the bamboo, transported it across several state lines, and now it is in the form of unused, used and broken polo mallet.

Local polo enthusiast Tony was asked earlier this summer to take on the miracle wood and test out the #3 PD mallet. He played a handfull of games with the stick and in the end it broke. It appears that weed bamboo is not like the fancy Bamboo of the Eastern European black market. This stuff is from Texas!

Purango Dolo tempered bamboo #3 with twine wrap

Here is what Tony had to say, “All told, this is an extremely well-crafted mallet with only a few negatives. It is a little heavy compared to my super-light aluminum mallet. It’s not so heavy you feel like a little school girl trying to twirl a mini-van around your head, but you definitely “feel” it after playing for a few hours. The extra weight does help add distance to passes and long shots, so actually it’s a good thing. I just need to start eating my Wheaties. Also, it is a little fragile. I have played with it 6 or 7 times up to this point, and I am starting to see stress cracks developing along the central, “flexy” portion of the shaft. The fact that it looks so sweet, but seems so brittle keeps me from doing much mallet-on-mallet play in an effort to extend the life of the mallet a few games longer.
read more review here, Mallet Review copy


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