Purango Dolo

DGO Polo Rules

It’s a Gentleman’s Sport. Be nice to others and their bikes. Call out dog poop. If you touch your foot to the ground while trying to play the ball, you are to get out of the way of the others coming in to play the ball. You cant score a goal from a pass, from your own teammate, through the back of the goal, until it is touched by the other team. Beer must be in protective coozie at all times.¬†Handlebars must be plugged and no bar ends.

If we decide to play three teams, we play paper, rock scissors to see who play first. The rules stipulate that the player show paper, rock or scissors on the third count rather than the lame fourth count.

The Axels of Evil summed it up good here

And heres the International Bike Polo Federation rules

Axels of Evil have a pretty common modern set of rules for grass play, as compared to the IBPF that is the old school traditional way to play. And then there is modern Hardcourt Rules which resemble IBPF rules in length.

British vs American Bike polo via 1982

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