Purango Dolo


Purango Dolo tempered Bamboo #1

Our first Polo introduction on the internet

Mountain Flyer magazine did a story on our polo scene, page 117

Cleveland Browns take the SSWC09 World Championship Polo Tourney

Malletheads asked to disband for SSWC09

Malletheads in the news after Colorado Can Cup

Malletheads; a bicycle polo documentary

in Farmington on the set of Mallethead

trading cards in the background

Gone in 60 seconds. This Taylor Made Bubble shaft got one “ok” hit in before an errant upswing contact with another mallet snapped it in half 3 inches above the aluminum sleeve.

fiberglass shaft, Detroit Lions Tribute

Recycling. 9 screws total. same head on 3 different shafts during life.

2007 Rally of the Dead saw an all Mallethead finals. The Cleavland Browns, on the left, beat the Denver Broncos in a game to 5 that lasted 1hour and 25 minutes.

2009 Colorado Can Cup winners in Lyons. First organized tourney in our history. So sweet.

2009 Fort Collins Tourney winners.

2009 Carbondale Polo Tourney winners

the Ellen Cordes tribute mallet

gone in sixty seconds

bolt-less technology

the Fort Lewis College Skyhawks malletbag

Jon birthed baby girls, Ingrid and Irma

grass polo ruins mallets

grip tape head good for sticky tricks, and not high speed handling

2006 Sepp Kuss Jr mallet

graphite fishing pole mallet. 107grams and lifetime schwarranty

The Malletheads take the Western States Cup in 2010, 10-1 over the Stomparillaz

spy photo of Phoenix Bike Polo mallets

3 fibrous mallets that dont get used.

Ellen Cordes tribute mallet.

Purango Dolo tempered bamboo #3 with twine wrap

Carbondale Stompaz mallet

The Lax shaft is the new best shaft we think

Skate Ski poles just dont last long

The Ron Andrews made King Cage’r. Ti alley gravel filled head bonded to composite shaft. And boy is it long at 56 inches!

Tony Cady 2012 ladies LAX graphite

Tony Cady Lax Collection Fall 2012

Tony Cady Lax Collection Fall 2012

Joey Ernst Lax

Joey Ernst Lax

Joey Ernst Lax 2011

Joey Ernst Lax 2011

Steve Novy Glennwood Mallets 2012

Steve Novy Glennwood Mallets 2012

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